Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Spinning with a Turkish spindle

I love spinning on my spinning wheel (a Ladybug from Schacht), but some time ago I discovered the Turkish spindles. They are beautiful wooden spinning tools and make spinning portable.

Two little "turks" at work:
Right: Medium Capar   Left: IST-craft spindle

I have a few more of them....I promise to make a group-photo later ;)

The fibre that I'm spinning here is a batt named "Snow Glow" from Nunoco. They make soooo nice batts! Spinning them is a dream. 

This fibre has: 50% Merino, 40% faux cashmere and 10% Firestar.
I just love the pastel gradient, and it sparkles just a little bit....

I spun each batt (50g) as a gradient single, then plied them together on my wheel:

 "Snow Glow", 495m/100g
This will make a beautiful shawl some day!

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