Saturday, February 28, 2015


The first drawing in my new sketchbook. (Strathmore with grey paper):


Found some inspiration on Pinterest :)


Used: Copic markers, colored pencils, white gel pen

More Secret Smorgling projects.

A "Secret Smorgling" is a little box with 160g of random fibres. It's sold by Nunoco and they are often in the shop.
These are such a great idea, the yarn is always "one of a kind" and a pleasure to knit with because all the variations. I specially like the little roving packs that have some sparkle in them, that shows up in the yarn and final project.
For the challenge on Ravelry we have to use up all the box.

I finished 2 more "boxes" for the Secret smorgling challenge:

The first box:

Made these "Smorgling Fiddlehead" mittens:

Smorgling Fiddlehead Mittens

This is the first time I'm making mittens and I really like them. I had to spin 3 different yarns for this project: a light and dark for the colorwork and a fine yarn for the lining.

The 2 thicker yarns are n-plied to keep the colors clear. I've devided the fibre in 2 parts to make two matching yarns (for the 2 mittens).
The lining is a 2 ply yarn, mostly browns (from the "Hen batt") and a little greens.

and with the rest of the yarn I made a sweet little "Bonnie Wee mouse":

With my second box I made this "Spring Dreams Shawl":

For this one I spun all the fibre of the box as a 2-ply yarn. The colors are all mixed, but there's a bit of a gradient because I tried to keep the greens and pinks at the same side.

The fibre:

The yarn:
(dark weather in Belgium)

I love the texture of the garter stitch in combination with the lace parts in this pattern. I made it a little bigger by repeating one of the lace charts (to use op the yarn).
For the bind of I chose an I-cord edging. 

Detail while blocking:

This has been a fun challenge, I hope there will be more in the future :).

Monday, February 2, 2015

Secret Smorgling project 2

I finished a project for the Challenge from Nunoco on Ravelry, it's actually two projects:
I started with this fibre: a little box of surprises:
Secret Smorgling
I made 2 groups, with light and dark colors, and spun two yarns. The light fibres are carded with the hand carders, they made a yarn that slowly changes color. For the dark colors I used small bits of the fibres in random order, then navajo-plied. It made a yarn with bright colors. (Difficult to take good pictures because of the dark weather here in Belgium...)

The stranded jacket is made first, I wanted light flowers on a dark background. The pattern is the "Circular stranded surprise jacket". I liked that I could draw my own chart for this. The jacket came out a little small and used only 75g of the yarn...but I think it's really cute.
Then I made the regular surprise jacket, with random stripes to use up all the yarn:

I have to finish my doll from my first Smorgling now ;)

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