Monday, February 2, 2015

Secret Smorgling project 2

I finished a project for the Challenge from Nunoco on Ravelry, it's actually two projects:
I started with this fibre: a little box of surprises:
Secret Smorgling
I made 2 groups, with light and dark colors, and spun two yarns. The light fibres are carded with the hand carders, they made a yarn that slowly changes color. For the dark colors I used small bits of the fibres in random order, then navajo-plied. It made a yarn with bright colors. (Difficult to take good pictures because of the dark weather here in Belgium...)

The stranded jacket is made first, I wanted light flowers on a dark background. The pattern is the "Circular stranded surprise jacket". I liked that I could draw my own chart for this. The jacket came out a little small and used only 75g of the yarn...but I think it's really cute.
Then I made the regular surprise jacket, with random stripes to use up all the yarn:

I have to finish my doll from my first Smorgling now ;)

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