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Patchwork shawl:

A shawl inspired by those blankets made of hundreds little patches. The patches on this shawl are squares and rectangles, large and small. Some of the shapes have flowers like in a romantic quilt.
A pattern designed for a gradient yarn, but a plain colored yarn will work too :).

This pattern is my first shawl and not test-knitted. If you're knitting this pattern, please let me know if you find mistakes so I can correct them here.

Link to the pattern-page on Ravelry: Patchwork shawl.
(You'll find the charts there.)

You start with a garter tab at the top, and then just follow the charts…

Gauge: 10x10cm (4,5mm needle) = 14 sts and 28 rows.
Gauge is less important for the shawl, but will affect yarn usage.
Blocked measurements for the shawl shown: (size small)
 150 cm wide and 85 cm high.

Needles: 4 mm circular needle
Yarn: Small size : 500m lace weight
For the other sizes you’ll need more!

Each size starts with the same charts but the ‘ending’ chart (in blue) will be different:
(you can start knitting the small size and switch to a larger if you have lots of yarn left after chart B...)
small: knit charts A,B,
medium: knit charts A, B, D, E
large: knit charts A, B, D, F, G

Garter tab cast on:
Cast on 3: knit 7 rows, turn the knitting and start picking up at the side: (this is row 1 on chart A)
* yo, pick up and k 1 * repeat 3 times, yo, pick up the 3 stitches from cast on.
ws: k3, p to 3 st before end, k3

The charts are just half of the shawl, knit the 3 edge stitches, the chart, 1 center stitch, repeat the chart, 3 edge sts.

On the wrong side rows: k3, p to 3 sts before end, k3.

Bind off:
Use a crochet bind off.
Pick up the 4 sts and pull the yarn through. Pull the yarn through the loop on the chrochet hook again, and repeat 7 times. (Make a chrochet chain of 7)
Follow the last chart of your size to continue. The blue lines indicate wich sts you’ll pick up together. Make a chain of 7 between each pick up.
End by picking up the 4 last stitches and pull the yarn through.


Weave in loose ends and block the shawl.

Good luck with this pattern :)

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