Friday, March 9, 2012

Drawing with ballpoint

I'm a big fan of Andrea Joseph's artwork. She uses ballpoints and colored pencils, often in Moleskine Sketchbooks. I had not a lot of time to draw today and attempted a little sketch with ballpoint. The combination of these materials work well on the Moleskine paper, and no mess with paints :)
Drawing like this is relaxing, but I have to practice more I think....

My subject: silver nailpolish :) and the materials used (forgot the white pencil)

1 : just a sketch to "feel" the shape
2: Blue "BIC" 
3: Black "BIC"
I used colored pencils on top, and accents with white gelpen.

Andrea Joseph's work is really amazing, see her blog here.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Fantasy sketchbook: new pages

I had some fun with stencils, and created these pages:
 Flower stencil: crafters workshop flower template
cosmic Swirl template

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