Friday, March 9, 2012

Drawing with ballpoint

I'm a big fan of Andrea Joseph's artwork. She uses ballpoints and colored pencils, often in Moleskine Sketchbooks. I had not a lot of time to draw today and attempted a little sketch with ballpoint. The combination of these materials work well on the Moleskine paper, and no mess with paints :)
Drawing like this is relaxing, but I have to practice more I think....

My subject: silver nailpolish :) and the materials used (forgot the white pencil)

1 : just a sketch to "feel" the shape
2: Blue "BIC" 
3: Black "BIC"
I used colored pencils on top, and accents with white gelpen.

Andrea Joseph's work is really amazing, see her blog here.


Tessa said...

Wow... super mooi!! Knap hoor.

xx Tessa

Ingrid C. said...

Bedankt :)

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