Saturday, November 5, 2011

Art Journal page: Gratitude

This is a page with lighter colors then I normally use, and no acrylic paint or black outline :)
It was fun to make and I like how it turned out, maybe I'll do another one like this next time...

Here's how I made this:
Pencil drawing on the watercolor-pages of my journal.
(and that's my new Moleskine-pencil "2B")

A layer of gesso... 
This protects the drawing.

Decided to try pencils to color in the skin tone.

Background with Inktense pencils...

I just love these pencils.
You don't need to apply a lot to create rich color.
Colors used: Deep blue, bright blue, Iris blue...
(difficult to see this on the photo's, I know)

Rubbed the background with tissue-paper to create some structure.
And I used Deep blue for the eyes.

Collage dress. (a nice pattern found in a magazine)
And Inktense pencil (willow) for the hair.

More Inktense pencil for the darker tone. (sepia ink)
Also used to shade the dress.

To finish the page I used markers (Copic) and more collage... 
(image at the top of this post)


Tessa said...

Wow... super mooi getekend! De spreuk is ook mooi.

xx Tessa

Jennibellie said...

Wow, this is a fabulous page, thanks for sharing, much love Jennibellie x

Ingrid C. said...

Thank's Tessa and Jennibellie!

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