Monday, February 13, 2012

Fantasy sketchbook page: fairy queen

Inspiration for the dress was found in a magazine.

pencil sketch (in my Moleskine sketchbook)

Outlining (with pentel pocket-brush pen).

Left: Acrylics effect-paint
Right: Collage paper
Face: Acrylic flesh-tone

Fluid acrylics: black, white and red

Paint markers (yellow, blue, black for the lines)

Shading with Copic markers.

Details and effects: 
paint markers (white, gold) and colored pencils
(Applied a layer of clear gesso to provide some tooth for the pencils)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Crochet bunny

My daughter Sarah takes her little bunny everywhere. But it's getting old. So I made her a second one. Trying to make it look exactly the same was hard because I made the first one 1,5 years ago, and didn't write down what I did or used.
 This is the new bunny:

Next to the old one (right):
Sarah was very happy with it, she loves the "silly" look on its face.

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