Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Mystery yarn

I think almost every spinner has some 'mystery fibres' or wool waste lying around. It's time to spin some of that up.
First I selected the blues and some natural colors, for a total weight of 111g.
There's some silk in it, Merino and I think Corriedale, but all te rest is unknown...

Wool waste 111g

I carded the fibre with my hand carders and made little rolags. I randomly took a bit of every fibre to put on the carders. So every rolag is different :)

Hand carded rolags

I decided to make a regular 3 ply so made 3 groups of rolags, each 37g and started spinning my singles.
I use a half - woolen methode of spinning, supporting the thread (and controlling the twist) with my left hand and holding the fiber (moving backwards) with my right.
These are the 3 singles on my Lazy Kate:

Ready to ply :) I'm looking forward to seeing the yarn, I've no idea what it will look like...

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