Saturday, November 15, 2014

Secret Smorgling Challenge, the start

For this challenge you have to use all the fibres of a "Secret Smorgling" box in one project! the Smorgling is a box with 160g random fibres sold by Nunoco on Etsy.

So.... a box filled with surprises... a spinning challenge... and a designing challenge? I'm in :)

This is the contents of my Smorgling:

- 25g Bilberryzest
- 25g batt dropping
Blended tops:
- 10g Antique Rose 
- 10g White Rabbit
- 10g Cobweb
- 10g Goosebumps
- 10g March Hare
- 10g Beryl
Mixed roving packs:
- 25g Rockpool
- 25g Robin Hood

the Blueberryzest Batt, so lovely, will make a fine gradient yarn...

Batt-dropping, looking forward to spinning this :)

I like the combination of fibres, the colors are mostly light and natural. It looks like a forest-theme to me... 
I had a few ideas for a project in mind, but after looking at this fibres, I think I know what this Smorgling wants to be...I'll have to make a few different yarns, so starting the spinning yeah....

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