Friday, September 9, 2011

More Art Journal pages

I still have some room in the mini-journal.

This page is finished (I think )
Background: Neocolor II
Face and hands: marker on layout-paper
Clothes and flowers: collage
Text and details: markers (Dark Bark Copic)

And I still have to work some more on these pages:

Background= collage (text from magazines) covered with Acrilics and gesso.
Tree: painted in gesso, details with markers...
now wath to do next ?....

Background: coloured the paper with markers, stamps and gesso on top.

Background: gesso and watercolors + glitter glue.
Face: collage, hair: gesso and yellow gouage+ glitters
Details: markers

Background: left page: neocolor II, right: red acrilics and collage
A bit of gold-acrilic on the bottom.
Big butterfly: brown paper
Text and border in markers...

I always work on a few pages at the same time. Adding things here and there. The only problem is I sometimes forget that a page is not dry... 

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