Monday, September 5, 2011

Art journaling


I decided to write my blog in English, it 'll be an excellent exercise for me, and I know a lot more people will be able to read it.
It's september again, and this means vacation is over....for a teacher. But I did a lot of creative work this summer: I discovered "Art journalling", and it's so much fun.
I like that it's about enjoying the creative process, that you can do whatever you want in the journal.
It's not about the final result, it's about the fun of art... you can keep it for yourself... or put it online ;)...

About the journal:

It's a Derwent - journal. (17 x 12 cm;   4,72 in. x 6,69 in.) 
The pages are very clear white, with rounded corners and thick enough for all the collaging and painting.
There are pockets in the front and back, but I didn't use them. I liked the small format for my first Art-Journal. 

It's almost full...

Some of the pages:

I really tried a lot of techniques... 
The first pages: background: neocolor II, punched stars, collage.

Playing with acrylic paints, faces: cp and markers.

Collage covered with gesso and neocolorII, finished with markers.

collage covered with gesso, stamps and collage

Inspired by "Teesha Moore": neocolorII background, collage border, details: gelpens

Tried to use less colors...

Collage and random paint-blobs...

All in neocolorII

Inspired by "Teesha Moore"

First time with some text added, it's about a heavy storm that killed some people during a pop-festival in Belgium.

Acrylics and collage

I love to make these, so I guesse you'll be seeing more of them on this blog soon...

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