Monday, December 8, 2014

Knitting a little mouse... or two

I saw this lovely pattern in the Ravelry library: Bonnie wee mouse, it makes a cute little mouse. And almost no sewing as you knit everything in the round and attach the pieces while knitting :)
It will make a perfect gift for my daughter.
I used handspun yarn, from a batt-dropping (batt made from random fibres) and needles 2,75mm.

Little mouse

 Then I used the same pattern again, but with some modifications to make a Teenage Ninja Turtle :)
Yarn: "Meilenweit Soja" (a soft sock-yarn), needles: 2,75.
(I probably should have used smaller needles but it would make the turtle even smaller..)
I knit according to the pattern, but with a very short tail, no ears and orange stripe where the eyes are placed. The shell is knitted in some handspun. This one is for my son.
Knitted Ninja Turtle

The pattern is easy to follow and quick to knit. I'll probably make more of them soon...

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