Friday, December 5, 2014

Advent Calendar Scarf 2014

This pattern adds a piece of lace every day of december, until Christmas :).
I'm using my lace-weight Smorgasbox yarn. (and probably add more yarn spun from samples)
Every pattern and spacer will have it's own color, so I'm using both the outside and inside of my skeins...

Already knitted day 5 today:
This is knitted in the round (and started with a provisional cast on) to make a cowl.
All the handspun colors and the surprise-patterns make this a fun project :)


Tahnee said...

Great idea! I especially like the surprise effect of the project. You know it'll become a colourful cowl but the addition of all the different stitches and patterns will still make it a mystery as to its exact outcome.

Ingrid C. said...

Yes that's true. It's a colorful mystery :)

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